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Did Apple finally fix a long-standing problem with Logic's OSC implementation?

Logic Pro's OSC control surface support has long suffered a limitation that only one OSC controller could be registered at any time; otherwise Logic could operate erratically. Apple, at the end of January 2016, released Logic Pro X 10.2.1, and Logic Remote 1.3. The release notes for Logic Remote imply that the above restriction has, after five years, finally been removed. But does the change also benefit non-Apple OSC control surfaces? We tested lpTouch to find out the answer to this question.

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Beware of iOS ad-hoc Wi-Fi startup delay!

Ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections are very useful for connecting control surface apps to computers, but you must exercise some patience. Connection time can be 30 seconds or more, and on iOS devices, there is no obvious indication when the connection is good-to-go. But there is a way to find out, hidden inside the iOS Settings app.

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Control a Capybara (and other MIDI devices) using OSC

KymaConnect and CapyLink both contain a simple, yet useful, OSC to MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) translator. Learn about this hidden capability, and how you might use it to control your MIDI devices.

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