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What is the best way to connect the Continuum Fingerboard with KymaConnect?

If you use the Continuum Fingerboard with Kyma and KymaConnect, then it is important that you correctly assign your MIDI ports in the Continuum Editor application, and in KymaConnect. Read more to discover the why's and how's of a proper set up.

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Bonjour El Capitan! Hello? Hello?

OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) seems to have changed its Bonjour behavior when a Mac has its Ethernet cable directly connected to a Symbolic Sound Pacarana. This can affect set ups that manually assign the Mac's Ethernet port in the link-local (169.254.XX.YY) IP range. KymaConnect users are now recommended to always use DHCP assignment for this configuration on OSX 10.11.

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Control a Capybara (and other MIDI devices) using OSC

KymaConnect and CapyLink both contain a simple, yet useful, OSC to MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) translator. Learn about this hidden capability, and how you might use it to control your MIDI devices.

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