Nord Modular E-Tribe A

An Emulation of the Korg Electribe EA-1 Synthesizer

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The Korg Electribe EA-1 is an inexpensive, nice sounding, bass synthesizer with two independent channels. Its simplicity makes it very approachable, even for novice synthesists. It is a good candidate for emulation with the Nord Modular because it will well fit within the DSP constraints of a single slot (including the only slot in a Micromodular). Its minimum of panel controls maps well to the original Nord Modular's eighteen definable knobs.

The goal was to produce an emulation that would provide most of the EA-1 synthesizer features with appropriate enhancements. The DSP utilization was kept below 50% so that two would fit within a single slot.

The emulation is not an attempt to achieve the same exact sound. Rather it provides a easy to program synthesizer for monophonic bass and lead parts. The result is musically useful and expressive, capable of a broad range of sounds.

The patch files here are intended for the original, first generation Nord Modular, or the MicroModular. They will not work "as is" with the more recent Nord Modular G2. However normal conversion technique could be used to modify the patches for use in the G2.


All the files that follow in an easy to download ZIP archive.

A short user manual including documentation of the E-Tribe A's MIDI continuous controller implementation.

Nord Modular (first generation) patch document of simplified version.

Nord Modular (first generation) patch document of full version that includes extensive MIDI control.