Douglas Kraul is a technology and product innovator whose credits include over 50 commercial products and over a dozen patents in computer, communications, and music technology. He is a founder of Harmony Systems, Inc. where he handles all product development. He is also a noted music technology author with two published books and nearly 200 articles published in leading music technology publications. The initials of his name, plus his keen interest in technology, engineering, and science, earned him the nickname “Dr K”.

drK has been designing synthesizers and creating his own electronic music for over 40 years. He was an early participant in the first DIY analog synthesizer movement in the early 1970s and a contributor to the seminal Electronotes publication. His early work on “through-zero” FM VCOs, published in Electronotes, is considered an important contribution to analog synthesizer design. In 1998 drK helped one of the first “revival modular companies” resurrect and modernize earlier analog modular VCO designs for their product line.

During the mid-1980’s, drK’s company, Harmony Systems, Inc. was a pioneering manufacturer of stand-alone MIDI devices. These products, sold under the company’s SynHance brand, included one of the first commercial MIDI Mergers, hardware patch librarians and storage for DX and TX family of synthesizers, and the first “smart FSK” MIDI synchronizer. The latter product made MIDI-tape synchronization practical and affordable for any project studio. More recently the company’s Delora Software brand has offered touch-based iOS control surface apps for popular DAWs, and a family of software applications for Symbolic Sound’s Kyma workstation.

drK has recorded his own electronic music compositions under the drK name and the name Ambientronic. His compositions favor ambient sonic textures but have also other genres including EDM. Normally a solo artist, he has collaborated with other like-minded artists including Tarekith.


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